One of the reasons I set up this website was to try and encourage more people to get fit – I’m passionate about getting fit and the difference it’s made to my life and I want to help others get the same buzz from it that I do.

People exercise for many different reasons – to lose weight, to gain weight, for the social side, because they’re training towards a goal such as a marathon, because it makes them feel good, or because they ‘know they should for their health’.

That last one is often said in a slightly begrudging ‘I don’t really want to do this but I know I should’ type way, so I thought it might help to look in a bit more detail at what those benefits actually are and what gives you what benefits.

I’ll look at the health benefits of the three main types of training:

  1. cardiovascular (or cardio, or CV), which is the stuff that gets your heart rate up for a continuous period, like walking, jogging, dancing or cycling or playing sports like football.
  2. resistance training which develops muscle strength (the maximum weight you can lift) and muscle endurance (how long you can continue lifting for) and
  3. flexibility (the range of movement you have around your joints).

So first off, what are the health benefits of cardiovascular activity?

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