Want to find out more about how personal training can support you to meet your goals? Follow #Hannahs100DayChallenge.

Hannah enjoying some relaxing time before the challenge begins!

Lots of people ask me ‘what is personal training like’, ‘how would it help me meet my goals’ and most commonly ‘will you shout at me’!

So to help answer some of these questions, one of my new clients has bravely agreed to track her progress online whilst she undertakes a 100 day running and weight loss challenge.

I’ll interview her every month for this blog so you can hear how she’s finding it and you can follow her direct here as well. Please do comment below with any questions you have for me or her.

Day 1 of the challenge, Thursday 29th Jan 2015
Whenever I start working with a new client, I always begin with a chat to find out more about them and what they’re hoping to achieve. Here’s Hannah’s thoughts from our first chat at the start of the 100 days:

What do you want to achieve in the first 100 days (3 months) of training together?
What I really want to do is run 5k. At the moment I can run once round my local park (about 2.5k) but it’s really slow and hard work. By the end of the 100 days I really want to take part in a 5k Park Run and enjoy it.

And I want to lose some weight and just feel better in myself. So many friends are getting married at the moment and I always worry about what to wear. I want to be able to go shopping for clothes and not dread it. And to not groan when I see photos of myself. 

I want to be healthier overall and to enjoy exercise. At the moment I drag myself to the gym, and it’s ok once I get here, but I want to get to the stage where I actually enjoy it. It would be great to be physically stronger and be able to do a press up or a full crunch!

We agreed that Hannah’s main goal will be to run a 5K Park Run on Saturday May 9th 2015.  Her second goal, which is very much linked to the first, is to also lose 1 1/2 stone by the time of the run in 100 days time.

What difference would meeting these goals make to your life?

Well as well as long-term health – I know there’s a risk of diabetes if I don’t change something, it’s just simple things. I’d like to get up the (5 flights of) stairs to my flat without getting out of breath. Or to be able to move kit round at work without ending up bright red!

Do you have any worries about undertaking the challenge?
My biggest worry is about being able to accept my weaknesses and limitations. I know I just need to accept them and push through but I get grumpy when I can’t do something that it seems everyone else can do.

And the time commitment, I need to make sure I actually come to the gym rather than just plan to come!  I need to stop making excuses to myself – I often let myself off by telling myself if I push too hard in the gym and I’m aching afterwards it will affect my work (I do quite a physically demanding job).

I guess at the end of the day, even though I’ll be working with you, I need to be accountable to myself, it’s up to me whether I meet the goals. But I know I have to meet them – not meeting them is not an option.

Losing 1 ½ stone will involve both diet and exercise, which motivates/worries you more?
I’m most excited about the exercise side of things, I’m looking forwards to pushing myself to meet new challenges.

I’m more nervous about the diet changes – I don’t think I eat badly, there’s lots of veg and not too much bad stuff, for me it’s more about eating less rather than changing what I eat.

And what do you hope for from me as your personal trainer?
I’m wanting advice and support on how to go about it so that I get it right. And someone to motivate me and keep me going (but not shouting at me!). Most of all I’m looking forwards to starting to run properly.

Hannah’s starting stats:
Age: 25
Height: 173.5 cm
Weight: 85.5k
Body fat: 41%
BMI: 28.4
Waist: 105cm
Waist to hip ratio: 0.94

Distance run in 20 mins: 2.4k (after warm up, indoor running on treadmill set at 1%, running interspersed with some brisk walks)
Chest press: 6 (17 kg bar, lifted at 60 beats per minute, until lose pace)
Plank: 33 seconds (with good form)

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