There’s been lots of colds and nasty bugs going round recently so I made a salad packed full of lots of different coloured veg to boost my vitamin intake.

First cut a butternuVitamin packed saladt squash into large cubes and bake in an oven (gas mark 6), along with the squash seeds (scoop out with a spoon, give a quick rinse to get rid the flesh and then spread out on the baking tray, they tend to stick so you might want to put them on some foil or greaseproof paper).

Then mix your choice of salad leaves (I had spinach) with beetroot (either ready cooked from a packet, or roast along with the squash, I’d stay away from the pickled stuff, it will overwhelm the salad) and some carrots for crunch. Peel and cut up an orange or grapefruit and add the bits of the flesh. When the squash is done leave it too cool (I normally don’t have the patience to wait long, and I like warm salads!) then add to the leaves. Sprinkle over the pumpkin seeds (I added some extra pumpkin and sunflower seeds) and add some goats cheese. To give your immune system and extra boost try adding a  large pinch of turmeric and ginger, and mustard seeds if you have them, all packed with anti oxidants, to some olive oil for the dressing.

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