Whilst the rain clouds may have other ideas, it’s still officially summer, and that means salad season. Lots of my clients tell me that whilst they like eating salads, they’re running out of ideas, and when I look at food diaries I see lots of the same traditional – lettuce, cucumber and tomato salads cropping up. As well as getting a bit boring, these often lack protein and a range of different coloured veg – 2 of the key parts to a balanced diet, as those of you who are following my ‘Seven Steps to Weight Loss success’, will know.

So I thought I’d share a few of my salads from the last few days here to give you some new ideas. If you’ve got other suggestions, please do share them below.

Fight off flu saladVitamin packed salad

Ward off colds with this vitamin packed mix of salad leaves with butter nut squash and its seeds, beetroot, grapefruit and goats cheese.


Crunchy quinoa salad Quinoa and steamed veg salad

Quinoa, a great source of veggie protein, with crunchy steamed veg, topped with some roasted almonds and a spicy dressing.


strawbStrawberry and goats cheese salad  

Super quick and simple to make and looks and tastes great.





Pimp my green salad IMAG1373

Even  a traditional green salad can be made a bit more exciting and nutritious with the addition of a few extra ingredients.

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