Yummy grub

People are always asking me for recipes of what I’ve cooked or ideas of things they could eat, so I thought I’d start posting some of my favourites. I’m veggie so you won’t find any meat dishes on here, but you will find lots of ideas for getting your 5(+) a day and veggie based protein. And you could always add some chicken or fish if you can’t cope without.

These aren’t complete recipes, and I’m not making any claims as a qualified dietician. They’re just ideas that will hopefully inspire you to embrace the veg in your cooking!

IMG_20150910_150900483_HDRNot got time to cook? Try recycled roast veg! (ideas to save time by cooking a big portion of roast veg and then serving in different ways for different meals – Moroccan Roast Veg stew (top), Roast Veg and Quinoa (left) and Roast Veg salad (right))






strawbSpruce up your salads – ideas for new salads (Strawberry and goats cheese saladGreen saladCrunchy quinoa salad and FIght off flu salad)




Superfood Seven – quinoa and ‘cheating’ roasted veg



lentil soup

Lentil and veg warming winter soup


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