You spend most of your day sitting down, and so your body adapts to this, and gets really good at sitting, shortening the muscles at the front that are in a shortened position when you sit, and turning off the muscles at the back, including those all important glute muscles.

And then you go out for a run and expect your body to have full range of motion at your joints, be able to turn these muscles back on, and support your body weight on landing up to 200 times a minute. It’s not surprising that sometimes this leads to injury!

I offer Strength, Stability and Mobility coaching to help mobilise tight joints and engage and strengthen the key muscles for swim, bike run. Sessions are either face to face (Woking) or online.

Requirements for Strength, Stability and Mobility coaching online coaching

  • a Skype account
  • Some space and somewhere you can set up your laptop/ phone so I can see you and you can see me
  • Depending on what you have available, and your experience, it can be body weight or with weights. For most people its possible to do a challenging work out just using body weight and some resistance bands
  • This usually works best from home, in my experience most gyms don’t allow personal trainers on the floor who don’t work there, have poor internet, and don’t allow filming that might capture others.
  • To complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire before we begin

Click here to book (If it’s your first session I’ll contact you before the session to go over a few details).

Or contact me on or 07966 969 335 about face to face sessions (Woking area only).