Training plans

I write bespoke training plans, designed for you – taking account of your current and goal fitness levels and what’s going on in the rest of your life.

What sets my approach apart from other training plans, is that:

  • They are accompanied by coaching. Through our regular catch up calls and weekly training review emails I will support you on the issues that affect the success of your racing and training. This can take many different forms – from advice on technique, training issues you are struggling with, advice on fuelling, recovery or race day strategies, and sports psychology techniques, to the accountability and support of knowing someone is following and analysing your training. You’ll get advice and reminders in your plan each week, and then we’ll go over the issues in more detail on our regular catch up calls or face to face training sessions.
  • They are personalised to you, taking into account your availability to train each week, your ability to recover, are based on analysis of your training data, and are tailored to your individual goals and fitness.


  • Access to the internet – all sessions are uploaded to Training Peaks, an online endurance coaching platform, and coaching calls take place via WhatsApp
TP calendar
  • To upload your training sessions to Training Peaks for review each week via automatic sync from GPS training watch such as Garmin or Suunto. Sorry, if you dont have such a watch. I’m very against unnecessary spend on the many triathlon gadgets but experience has shown me that for online coaching to work the way I do it, then this is a prerequisite.
  • A commitment to keep me updated on how you’re finding the training. Whilst the training data will tell me a lot, my coaching support is dependent on your feedback, the more you tell me, the more I can help you.

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